So much to read, but where shall I read it?

Everyone who loves to read has a favourite reading spot.  What’s yours?

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Photo Diary: Concert in the City

By Sarah Rose de Villiers

The roads are ribbons of red lights and revving engines. There is the frenzied hurry of thousands of fans as they descend on the city. Clusters of families, friends and faithful groupies filter into the stadium. The air is electric and the stage comes to life. Drums, screams and songs fill the arena. This is somebody’s dream-come-true, and a photo opportunity for everyone else. The music fills the night sky and the stars compete with the crowds. With a final flash of cameras and fireworks, it is suddenly over. The magic turns to mayhem as the stadium empties and thousands of fans stumble out. They search for family members and friends and faces in the crowd; calling out names and following figures.

01.04.2015: Cape Town, One Direction at Newlands Stadium

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Top Five Photos at FotoFence

FotoFence Grahamstown                                                                                     

By Ryal Newfeldt

FotoFence is the brainchild of Brent Meistre, a senior lecturer and photographer at Rhodes University. It is an initiative that aims to give young photographers in and around Grahamstown a platform to show off their skills, a panel of judges selected collections of photographs, each depicting a scene from the following four categories: City/ Landscapes, Afro- Futurists and Selfies, Life up- close, and Live Action City.

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