Word on the street

By Sarah Rose de Villiers

Word on the street is someone is in love, somebody didn’t do it and something is fake.

Graffiti decorates sidewalls, alleys and postboxes in Grahamstown. The walls are dressed in words, concrete is splashed with sentiments and the streets are talking – to us? To each other? To no one in particular?

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Old Books and the Seven Artists

By Sarah Rose de Villiers

“A book is proof that humans are capable of working magic.” – Carl Sagan, Cosmos

Words on white pages transport us to worlds of wonder and wisdom, and we lead lives entirely unlike our own. With each turn of the page, our imaginations take to the skies and black ink paints characters and colours in our minds. As we celebrate National Library Week, we realise books can be bewitching and beautiful, without having to be read. Instead, they can be cut up, sliced through, stained, torn and sculpted. They are not destroyed, they are art.

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