Alabama Shakes’ Brittany Howard smashes the patriarchy

By Chelsea Haith

My third favourite thing about blues-rock outfit Alabama Shakes is the fact that front woman, Brittany Howard, is so incredibly sexy. My first and second favourite things are the way she plays the guitar and the band’s single ‘Don’t Wanna Fight’.

A plus-size woman of colour with a tattoo of Texas on her bicep and a new side-cut curly hairdo, Howard destroys the norms that dictate who gets to be famous and why. And that’s just a different kind of sexy to Nicki Minaj’s arse. Continue reading


12 female poets capturing life and love in the 21st century

By Chelsea Haith

This list consists of quotes, extracts or lines from the work of 12 female poets writing or who are still alive in the 21st century. Poets like Maya Angelou and Margaret Atwood have changed the world while Warsan Shire, a British-Somali refugee poet and Mira Gonzalez, a Twitter poet, one day will.
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Das Kapital capitalises on international profile

By Chelsea Haith

With his bleached blonde hair, heavy undercut and pale skin, Kyle Brinkmann looks as progressive and subversively German as his stage name, Das Kapital. Dressed all in black, only the tip of his cigarette and his pale skin are dimly visible in the dark of the street beset by load-shedding. We stood shivering in the cold while he smoked and spoke, pausing only to offer his lighter to a nearby car guard. Assertions fall out of the DJ like water gushing from a broken pipe: he’s got an opinion on everything and he’s ready to share it.

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