Education is Liberation

The ‪#‎FeesMustFallMovement‬ has awoken activists, affected communities and changed a nation. But how has it played out in the Grahamstown community – why is education essential, who are we fighting for and what are we fighting against?

These aren’t articles, opinion pieces or reports. These are ARticles: a series of pictures and comics that need to be pieced together. It is for you to find the story. Continue reading


The Love Documentarian

By Leah Solomon

Josh Hundermark, an alternative wedding videographer based in Cape Town. Photo: Paul Reichle

Josh Hundermark, an alternative wedding videographer based in Cape Town. Photo: Paul Reichle

I’ve known Josh for over a year. I met him at an old club called Red Door in Pietermaritzburg. The first thing I noticed about him was the black plugs in his ear and the tattoo on his left upper arm. This was a guy I could get along with. I immediately jumped to the conclusion that he was part of the ‘core’ Maritzburg scene and in a metal band. I wasn’t completely wrong, but that isn’t what makes Josh a stand-out character. He’s actually a self-made wedding filmmaker. Continue reading

Word on the street

By Sarah Rose de Villiers

Word on the street is someone is in love, somebody didn’t do it and something is fake.

Graffiti decorates sidewalls, alleys and postboxes in Grahamstown. The walls are dressed in words, concrete is splashed with sentiments and the streets are talking – to us? To each other? To no one in particular?

Is this a conversation, a statement, a question, or are we eavesdropping? Continue reading


By Sarah Rose de Villiers

Politics are not the property of parliament or elite academics. Rather, politics are what drive conversations about people, power and peace. Politics affect our space, our streets and our stories – especially in the form of graffiti.

Graffiti is one of the most accessible, uncensored and undeniably intriguing forms of public politics. With stencils, spray paint and scrawled lines, graffiti artists are asking hard-hitting questions at street-level; raising consciousness about social issues, public anger and repressed pasts.

So what exactly do the streets of Grahamstown have to say about the politics of this place? Continue reading