Dear Writer

By Bianca Taylor


Dear writer

My name is Ashley. I’m twenty four years old, have a size eight shoe, and am an avid reader. I’m writing you this letter as a joke, because I don’t believe you exist.

See, I’ve been reading a great deal of meta-fiction recently, where the main character is aware that he’s just a character, and I’ve began to doubt my own existence. I mean, I live a normal life and everything. The people in my neighbourhood are normal enough. There are no monsters or fairies or strange things like that – but what if normal is only normal because I’m made to see it that way? Maybe I’m just a random character driven by another being’s will – namely yours!

So, if you are real, do something to prove it please? Make something strange or wild happen in my life.

I just want to know for sure.

Yours eagerly



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