Jack Kaminski debuts ‘Brotherland’ EP

By Chelsea Haith

Be it late afternoons relaxing in the Kirstenbosch Gardens, summer nights spent dancing on the beach or 2am jams at Bassline in Newtown, Jack Kaminski’s Afro-Indie speaks to the heart of the South African music scene, ready to bring something from all over the continent to our dance floors. “Its always been the path I wanted to take my music,” Kaminski explained, “merging the ‘upbeatness’ of Folk and Indie with the rhythms of Afro-genres popular in South Africa and neighbouring countries.”  Continue reading


Album Review: Delving into Little Hell

By Leah Solomon

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Image: Sourced

At various points in your life you need that album that evokes such raw emotion that it makes you want to sit in the middle of your bedroom floor and ugly-cry until the morning comes. As an experience, it’s cathartic as all hell and often comes at a time when you need it most, falling into your lap at the most random moment, sometimes when you are sitting in a very public place and there’s no going back when the dam walls of your eyes have burst. For me, that album is City and Colour’s, Little Hell.

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Alabama Shakes’ Brittany Howard smashes the patriarchy

By Chelsea Haith

My third favourite thing about blues-rock outfit Alabama Shakes is the fact that front woman, Brittany Howard, is so incredibly sexy. My first and second favourite things are the way she plays the guitar and the band’s single ‘Don’t Wanna Fight’.

A plus-size woman of colour with a tattoo of Texas on her bicep and a new side-cut curly hairdo, Howard destroys the norms that dictate who gets to be famous and why. And that’s just a different kind of sexy to Nicki Minaj’s arse. Continue reading

With love, your Pink Floyd

By Chelsea Haith

Closure is crucial to a successful break-up. While Pink Floyd will clearly never get back together, the fans are feeling abandoned and in need of closure, a formal goodbye. Soft, sweet and bitterly nostalgic, Pink Floyd has in fact been wishing us goodbye for years, from the lyrics of their ground-breaking albums.

In the wake of the final break-up of the legendary Pink Floyd, I find myself going back through their discography. I lie back and wonder at the tonal glory of my favourite of their albums The Division Bell, the chart-topping The Wall and the revolutionary sound of The Dark Side of the MoonContinue reading

Hanging out with aKING

By Shannon Wilson

They write their songs from their experiences. The best part of the job is waking up late. Their last album ‘Morning After’ was released in 2014.

South African band aKING came to Grahamstown on the 31July to play at Monument. They took some time out to chat with Artbeat, discussing the band, its future and Laudo Liebenberg’s beard, which he is growing for an upcoming acting job.

The band is made up of Hennie Van Halen (bass), Laudo Liebenberg (vocals and rhythm guitar), Andrew Davenport (guitar) and Jaco “Snakehead” Venter (drums).

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