Before we transform, we need to decolonize.

By Nadim Nyker

Issues of transformation, decolonisation and identity have been addressed with a sense of urgency by students of Rhodes University this year. On Monday, 14 September, Dr. Vashna Jagarnath sought to show the importance of these issues when it comes to coursework and modes of teaching. Continue reading


Steven Friedman talks path dependence at Rhodes University

By Nadim Nyker

On Friday 14 August, Professor Steven Friedman came to Rhodes University’s politics department to talk about path dependence. More specifically, about the contents his recent paper, The Janus Face of the Past: Preserving and Resisting South African Path Dependence.

Friedman spoke about the advantages and disadvantages of path dependence and ways in which we can move forward as a country. He referred to the sharing of wealth in South Africa, as well as the economic monopolization in both the private and public sector. Continue reading

Carousing Karusa

By Nadim Nyker

The visage of colossal mountains under the peaking Sun, which overlooked the century-old churches approaching Karusa Wine Estate, is one that filled our imminent arrival with an esteemed view, an expectancy of greatness and of adventure. However, driving in to the estate, we discovered the setting to be unexpected, small yet even more novelistic than the town we left behind us. Just out of Oudtshoorn is a vineyard and tasting environment so unique, homely and aesthetically pleasing that upon entering, we already felt settled in. Continue reading

Roadtripping: Grahamstown to Swartberg, a Garden Route weekend experience.

By Nadim Nyker

Serenity witnessed with fresh eyes. What makes South Africa so unique is its constantly changing landscapes. This photo series takes you from Grahamstown, through Knysna, George, Oudsthoorn, Swartberg and the Cango Caves. Continue reading