Loyiso Gola gets intimate

By Chelsea Haith

Late Nite News comedian Loyiso Gola opened up to the audience in the Guy Butler theatre in Grahamstown on 14 August sharing personal life philosophy and his idea of a perfect holiday: sitting in a dark room watching TV. Comedy is not all jokes, and Gola’s got a dark side.

Loyiso Gola is known for his satirical work on South African politics. IMAGE: Sourced

Loyiso Gola is known for his satirical work on South African politics.
IMAGE: Sourced

Currently on his campus tour, Gola seems to be swaying between being a comedian and a life coach. “It’s important to customize your life,” he said, pulling his stool closer to the edge of the stage. The jokes had stopped and he was simply talking. The audience were caught unaware when, about half way through the show, Gola changed pace and asked, “So what do you want to talk about?” Expecting a comedy show, they got 45 minutes of jokes and 45 minutes of Gola’s life philosophy.

“My favourite thing to do is unlearn,” he said. Using love as an example, he argued that our conception of love is very similar to our skewed conception of what a heart looks like. Gola has recently come out of a six year relationship.

Never much of an academic, Gola shared tales of his failures at school, his adolescence spent stoned and later how he decided to drop out of the University of South Africa (UNISA) while at a house party in Hong Kong. “Everything that happens to you happens for a reason,” he said.

Gola promised that Late Nite News will return in the next two weeks. In the meantime he will be appearing on The Weekly with Charlie Pickering, an Australian comedy show. He’s also got some hush-hush plans for a world tour, though no details have been officially announced.


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