James Horner – Not just the Titanic-song-guy

By Kerstin Hall

James Horner, one of the world’s best known and prolific soundtrack composers, has passed away following a plane crash in California. Horner, who is responsible for the scores of approximately 100 movies, set the tone of Hollywood movies and television shows for the past forty years.

What would Titanic have been without “My Heart Will Go On”? The movie and the song are practically synonymous. Horner, together with Will Jennings, wrote Celine Dion’s smash hit and earned an Oscar as a result.

But Horner is more than simply the-guy-who-wrote-the-Titanic-song.


Mighty Joe Young.

The House of Sand and Fog.


 A Beautiful Mind.


The Land Before Time.

If any of these movies make you sigh nostalgically, it is in part because Horner set music to your emotions. For some strange primal reason, humans respond to arbitrary collections of sounds almost as though music were a living thing. Have you ever gotten goosebumps listening to a song; felt like the notes were communicating to you in a way words cannot? Why?

Horner had the power to make you feel. For myself, I remember him for Casper. Silly little movie of my childhood. I can’t even remember the plot. But I remember this:


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