GALLERY: In conversation with my Jozi

Words and Photos by Chelsea Haith

Johannesburg groans and stretches, gathering into its arms the moving mass of humanity that scratches, fights, skips and shuffles through it. In Braamfontein some of the mass find a home, in well-lit spacious studio lofts and grimy back alley doorways.

The city’s past is reflected in the faces of the shrunken men and women who shuffle slowly down Jorissen Street and its future is in the skip of the young boy who peers in at photographs in a studio, window shopping for a dream.

When I tell people that I wandered the streets of Braamfontein, Johannesburg, alone, taking photographs, the typical response is, “You did what?!?”

I’m a small white woman and I felt safe. It’s about belonging. In the 1980s Braamfontein was the social hub where my parents went ‘jolling’. Then it lost its sparkle to drugs and poverty. However, with incredible joints like Kitcheners and Anti-Establishment pumping music and people all weekend, every weekend, and a project of re-gentrification, Braamies is getting its groove back.

But beneath the painted façades the old city is still there, telling its story. Listen.

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