Top Five Photos at FotoFence

FotoFence Grahamstown                                                                                     

By Ryal Newfeldt

FotoFence is the brainchild of Brent Meistre, a senior lecturer and photographer at Rhodes University. It is an initiative that aims to give young photographers in and around Grahamstown a platform to show off their skills, a panel of judges selected collections of photographs, each depicting a scene from the following four categories: City/ Landscapes, Afro- Futurists and Selfies, Life up- close, and Live Action City.

The photographs have been put on display at Fiddlers Green, and will remain there for the next few weeks, increasing the aesthetic value of the fence which fittingly frames the field. Each side of the field is lined with different photographs from the aforementioned categories.

One of the more promising winners was Athandile Mnutumni, a 16- year old pupil from Transit Camp, Grahamstown. The youngster recently collaborated with Kenny Mapango, a professional photographer from Grahamstown.

1.)  Stick and Fire:

-Athandile Mnutumni


2.) Selfie at a fountain: 


3.)“I think it’s a bit silly that if you’re searching for talent but then you just reward a selfie… I don’t know.”

– Charles Harry Mackenzie


4.) “How about this, I’ll take a photo of you taking a photo of me?”

– aMan Bloom


5.) Grahamstown Rhini Series

Hywell Walters



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