Q+A With Christo Greyling

By Wynona Latham

Who is you favourite composer?

That’s very difficult because I actually have quite a few. I love Liszt and all the big romantic, mostly German composers, I mean Liszt is not German but Tchaikovsky, the big romantic composers.

What music do you dislike?

There is nothing that I dislike intensely but I don’t necessarily like the music they play these days in terms. Like I saw something on Youtube, I can’t even remember its name because it was just so horrible I blocked it out on the spot, I just don’t know how it can get like how many hits. It’s nothing specific, I don’t dislike a certain genre. I just dislike certain pieces or songs.

What is your biggest gripe about music?

As long as it’s quality, I have absolutely no problem with anything. If the music is good than anything goes.

What is your most played song?

I hardly ever listen to music because I’m so busy making it and by the time I get home I just want silence around me.

What is your favourite word in German?

I think we all know what that is… I like shizer because it’s usually seen as something bad in English, especially Afrikaans as well and in German it’s just an everyday word. I like that they can take a word and not make a big fuss and issue about it.

What are you most excited to do in Germany?

I’m just excited about the fact that there will be concerts all the time. I find that in South Africa, even though we have a lot of culture it’s often very different from the culture of classical music or westernized music. So I’m excited about the big symphony orchestras.

What is your biggest dream or aspiration?

If you had asked me that about four or five years ago, I would have given you this whole answer about how I wanted to be a concert pianist or famous or wealthy. But right now, I’m just happy making music – doesn’t matter where I am in the world as long as I get to play.


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