Oct 18

Bridge Day

As long as there have been bodies of water, people have been making bridges to try to cross them. The Arkadiko Bridge in Greece is one of the oldest known structured bridges in the world and these days bridges come in a variety of types across the world. Bridges hold a special place in human society and have made an impact on our culture as well. In Norse  mythology, all the Bifröst is a rainbow bridge that connects the human world to the world of the Gods and in the Norwegian fairytale ‘Three Billy Goats Gruff’ a bridge is guarded by a fearsome troll. Typically, Bridge Day is celebrated in Fayette County, West Virginia in the USA. On the day thousands of people gather to watch BASE jumping of the New River Gorge Bridge. While there may not be anything quite so spectacular in Grahamstown, maybe take some time to appreciate the existence of the bridge.


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