Oct 10

World Egg Day

All your eggs in one basket; a good egg; to walk on eggshells; an egghead; a rotten egg – eggs have been on our minds and in our language for a while. The humble chicken egg has played a massive role in feeding people across the globe. A big supporter of our oblong friends is the International Egg Commission (IEC), a non-governmental organisation that is pushing eggs as an important component to of a balanced diet. According to the Authority Nutrition, eggs are the healthiest food on the planet as ‘nature’s multivitamin’. Eggs have played a cultural role in Judeo-Christianity and the practise of egg-painting is popular in countries such as Persia and Russia. That is not to say that the egg industry hasn’t been without reports of gross animal cruelty, as PETA points out. However, thehealthybugs.com reporter Jesame Geldenhuys writes that many farms around Grahamstown are choosing a more compassionate way of egg-farming to keep their chickens happy and free.


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