Oct 8

Bring-Your-Teddy-Bear-To-Work Day

In 1902, United States President Theodore Roosevelt refused to kill a black bear cub while on a hunt. The bear had been clubbed and tied to a tree and Roosevelt refused to shoot it because it would be unsportsmanlike. He did request that the bear be shot to put it out of its misery and when the media got a hold of this, it caused a stir. Political cartoonists depicted Roosevelt as a heroic conservationist and the bear became a cutesy icon of martyrdom. This inspired toymakers to make ‘Teddy’s bear’, which became and remains a hugely popular children’s toy. Bringing your Teddy Bear to work might be an interesting experiment, like this woman who brought her 51-year-old teddy bear to work. If you’re unwilling or unable to bring your bear with you, you could donate to Black Bear Conservation.


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