Jack Kaminski - Brotherland cover

Jack Kaminski debuts ‘Brotherland’ EP

By Chelsea Haith

Be it late afternoons relaxing in the Kirstenbosch Gardens, summer nights spent dancing on the beach or 2am jams at Bassline in Newtown, Jack Kaminski’s Afro-Indie speaks to the heart of the South African music scene, ready to bring something from all over the continent to our dance floors. “Its always been the path I wanted to take my music,” Kaminski explained, “merging the ‘upbeatness’ of Folk and Indie with the rhythms of Afro-genres popular in South Africa and neighbouring countries.”  Continue reading


Education is Liberation

The ‪#‎FeesMustFallMovement‬ has awoken activists, affected communities and changed a nation. But how has it played out in the Grahamstown community – why is education essential, who are we fighting for and what are we fighting against?

These aren’t articles, opinion pieces or reports. These are ARticles: a series of pictures and comics that need to be pieced together. It is for you to find the story. Continue reading


What’s Behind The Door, Grahamstown?

By Shannon Wilson

The Cathcart Arms

The Cathcart Arms is one of the oldest hotels in South Africa, established in 1820 when the first colonial settlers arrived in Grahamstown. It has a red and black exterior; a large sign above the entrance proudly declares the name of the hotel. The black woodwork above this sign is unkempt and splintered. Although the doors are said to open at 10am, it was past 11 and I was still waiting outside. I asked two men milling around the entrance if they knew when it might actually open. They said that the Arms didn’t have a regular opening time.

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What’s Behind the Door, Grahamstown?

By Shannon Wilson

Makana Library

Grey and rusty orange stones are layered on top of one another in an orderly pattern. Situated on Hill Street, the Makana Library is a rectangular and, looking at the exterior, uninviting building. However, once inside you travel to a world where books are treasure and time is endless. The books are faded; orange, blue and red colours blend. The wooden floorboards creak as you walk down the aisles. From magazines to ancient tomes, the Makana Library is ready to provide you with words galore.

Filled with natural light, the library is a great place to sit and read.

Filled with natural light, the library is a great place to sit and read.

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